The first Pizzeria Toarmina was opened 1971 by a great uncle of the current owner and his brother . The just 18 year old Filippo Lacagnina took over the business 1976. Together with his parents, he made 'Taormina'  into an institution in Landstuhl. The Restaurant was completely renovated 1990, when it still stood at its original place in the Bahnhofsstraße.

Because the restaurant didn't allow any extensions, the family decided to move to the other side of the road in 2007. The new Taormina now stands where a cinema used to be, which now makes it possible to have large parties and extend into the terrace area at the back of the reataurant. In 2010 the new mediterranean style terrace was opened and provides a beautiful sunny feeling on a warm summer day.


  • Kaiserstraße 8
    66849 Landstuhl


  • 06371 / 32 36
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Opening Hours

Mo & Mi 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Do & Fr 11am - 1:45pm & 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Saturday 12am - 2:45pm & 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Sunday 12am - 9:30pm
Tuesday closed